Abstracts deadline extended

IAPB continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak as it unfolds around the world. The situation remains fluid, with more countries announcing cases every day. Countries are regularly updating their travel and public health advice. IAPB urges all eye health professionals to pay attention to these warnings. We have setup a COVID-19 resources page on eye health and COVID-19 that we are regularly updating.

 We continue to plan to hold the Global Assembly 2020 in October this year, but we are monitoring the situation closely. We have extended the deadline for the submission of Abstracts until 20 April 2020.  We are liaising closely with our security advisor, our friends and partners in Singapore, and our eye health network and will keep this page and the conference site updated on the status of the GA.



IAPB is continuing to plan for the GA in Singapore in Oct 2020.

As you will know, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the current COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. IAPB is regularly monitoring and reviewing the situation, which remains dynamic and fast-evolving.

Singapore and Event Venue

The Singapore government has recently placed travel restrictions on all travellers from Mainland China, Iran, South Korea, and Northern Italy. Despite the restrictions, the Singapore government has adopted a pragmatic approach towards managing the outbreak.

It is important to note that the WHO continues to advise against travel restrictions. We are working with the Singapore Tourist Board, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI)—who have been extraordinarily helpful and responsive, and our Security Advisor to make sure we are making informed decisions. Our priority, above all, is and will be the health and safety of speakers and participants. We are regularly monitoring advisories from the British Government, WHO, and Singapore’s Ministry of Health. We are also liaising with the venue who remain open for business and are adhering to advice from local authorities.

The way ahead

We continue to plan to hold the Global Assembly 2020 in October this year. We will regularly appraise and update all our speakers and participants. We aim to be transparent in our planning efforts so that you are aware of developments and decisions.

We will update this page and conference site on the status of the GA. Please do get in touch should you have any questions or concerns. Please also follow your organisation’s or country’s health authorities’ travel advice.