Gender inequality is pervasive and entrenched in global health, including in eye health. Gender equity will be a key theme at GA2020, and IAPB member organisations are invited to participate in a research project to establish a baseline of gender responsiveness in IAPB.

What is involved?

Organisations are invited to complete an online questionnaire that will take 5-10 minutes. The questions relate to the gender responsiveness of your organisation, including policies and practice, and the gender of your organisation’s leadership groups.

Responses will be confidential and will not be shared outside the research team without your explicit permission. We will report results in such a way that organisations will not be identifiable, unless you indicate you are happy for your responses to be linked to your organisation.

What next?

If you are willing to participate in this study, please register your interest and we will be in touch with you. If you have any questions about the study please contact [email protected]

Photo credit: Explaining Vision Testing to an old woman during a Village Screening. FHFNZ, Papua New Guinea. Photo by Theresa Gende.