Serge Resnikoff

Prof Serge Resnikoff is a leading international expert in global public health, ophthalmology and eye health. Serge was the former head of Blindness Prevention Unit and later the head of NCD of WHO in Geneva.

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Rengaraj Venkatesh

Dr Rengaraj Venkatesh is the Chief Medical Officer, Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry. He has been a consultant at Aravind Eye Hospital for more than 20 years with a special focus on cataract microsurgery and glaucoma.

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Judith Stern

Judith Stern is IAPB’s Head of Knowledge. She is a Global Educator specialising in learning & teaching. Jude directed the development & delivery of Brien Holden Vision Institute‚Äôs Academy education programmes for nearly 20 years.

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