IAPB's GA2020 will bring together some of the biggest names in eye health to deliver the GA programme. It will present a great opportunity to take stock, celebrate successes and make plans for the future. A key focus will be on the WHO’s World Report on Vision and its framework for the future. The event will have three co-chairs leading on three streams: “Excellence”, “Eye Health in the West Pacific” and “Sustainability”.

Other Speakers

The GA2020 Programme brings together a great set of conveners, speakers and eye health professionals over three productive days. Do explore our speaker list and take a look at the programme.

  • Zou Haidong
  • Victoria M Sheffield
  • Tin Aung
  • Thulasiraj Ravilla
  • Suzanne Gilbert
  • Sumrana Yasmin
  • Stuart Keel
  • Sandra Block
  • Rupert Bourne
  • RD Ravindran
  • May Ho
  • Matthew Burton
  • Komal Ram
  • K-T Overbey
  • Judith Abbott
  • Jess Blijkers
  • Jaki Adams-Barton
  • Heather Machin
  • Hannah Faal
  • Gillian Gibbs
  • Drew Keys
  • Debbie Muirhead
  • David Friedman
  • Cassandra Thiel
  • Carly Iles
  • Babar Qureshi
  • Amanda Davis
  • Alan Robin