Aquaponics GA2020 from Raffles Convention Centre

IAPB is looking at ways on how we can make our Global Assembly a greener event. We are working with the venue who have impressive and innovative sustainability ideas as well as consulting with the many experts in the Climate Action Working Group and the Singapore Tourist Board’s 3R Toolkit.

We are looking at a number of actions we can take to make our event more environmentally sustainable.

For our event in October we are looking at/already committed to:

  • Will not be producing a paper programme, instead we will be producing a Global Assembly App to reduce the amount of paper used.
  • We will not be giving out bags.
  • We will not be having plastic badge holders.
  • We will be using Eco Lanyards made from recycled plastics – such as plastic bottles.
  • No plastic bottles will be supplied at Convention Centre instead there will be refillable filtered water stations so don’t forget to bring your own water bottles.
  • Recycling bins in official conference hotel bedrooms.
  • Our official conference hotels are directly connected to the convention centre which cuts the need for transportation, reducing the event’s carbon footprint.
  • The convention centre is easily reachable by public transportation to reduce environmental impact for local delegates.
  • We will be closely monitoring delegate RSVPs to make sure food is not ordered in excess to avoid food waste.

Aquaponics, close-up

  • The convention centre partners with a local charity, Food From The Heart to distribute unconsumed bread from our buffets to those in need. They also practice good food waste management by converting food waste to compost and fertilisers for landscapes located around the hotel property.
  • The convention centre has the world’s first urban Aquaponics farm found within the hotel’s premises. The farm allows to reduce water usage, power consumption and the carbon footprint of food.

We are in the process of negotiating with the hotel on the following:

  • Ensuring the hotel bedrooms are plastic free, we are negotiating with the official hotels to have refillable glass bottles in all bedrooms.
  • We are going to speak to the hotel about increasing air conditioning in meeting rooms by 1 or 2 degrees.
  • Work with hotel on using as much home-grown food as possible or food that is imported from the least distance.

Watch out for Live video to be posted early March, with an interview with the General Manager.